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Dry dust collector maintenance

Dry dust collector maintenance

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Dry dust collector is a common large-scale dust treatment equipment, widely used in coal mine, cement, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries. Whether it is a newly purchased dust collector or a dust collector that has been running for a period of time, its maintenance is crucial, not only to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, but also to extend the life of the equipment and improve the processing efficiency of the equipment. The following is my summary and advice on the maintenance of dry dust collectors.

1. Clean the components regularly

Dry dust collector maintenance needs to clean the components regularly to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The first is to clean the air intake and regulating valves to prevent blockage. Then it is to clean the filter bag, because the filter bag is the core part of the dust collector, and it needs to be cleaned and replaced regularly to maintain its adsorption and filtration capacity.

2. Check the electronic control system regularly

The electronic control system of dry dust collector maintenance needs to be checked regularly to prevent aging of electrical equipment, loose connection or short circuit to avoid safety accidents. In addition, it should be checked whether the motor is running normally, such as whether the current is stable, whether the noise is too large, etc., adjust the motor if necessary, and protect the circuit and fire prevention measures.

3. Check the pneumatic system regularly

The pneumatic system of dry dust collector maintenance needs to be checked regularly, including gas transmission lines, air bags, regulating valves, compressed air systems, etc. Regular inspection, find problems in time to replace damaged or aging parts, to ensure the normal operation of the system, reduce maintenance costs and failure rates.

4. Replace the filter bag regularly

The filter bag of dry dust collector maintenance needs to be replaced regularly, which can be selected according to the production process parameters and emission requirements of different industries. It is generally recommended to replace the filter bag when the resistance reaches 0.17kpa. When replacing the filter bag, it is necessary to pay attention to the high resistance of some filter bags, which need to be replaced to prevent excessive emissions and equipment damage.

5. Perform comprehensive equipment inspection regularly

A comprehensive inspection of the dry dust collector is carried out every year to check all aspects of the equipment, including the unit structure, pneumatic system, electronic control system, filter bag system, import and export interface and so on. Check the problems found, deal with them in time, and replace the aging and damaged parts to ensure the normal and stable operation of the equipment and meet the required emission standards.

The above are the suggestions for the maintenance of the dry dust collector. However, for each specific equipment, its maintenance program will be different. Therefore, before maintenance, you should also understand the specific situation of the equipment, and carry out targeted maintenance and maintenance according to the actual state of the equipment. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the use of the equipment environment, strengthen the remediation work of the surrounding environment of the equipment, control the dust and odor in the environment, reduce the pollution and damage to the equipment, and ensure the long-term, stable and safe operation of the equipment.


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