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Dry dust collector sales

Dry dust collector sales

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Dry dust collector sales is a use of filter materials to filter dust and gas equipment. The principle is to contact the dust-containing gas with the filter material through mechanics, fiber static electricity, etc., so that the dust is attached to the filter material and is separated, so as to achieve the purpose of dust removal.

Dry dust collector sales are mainly composed of several parts: air intake, filtration materials, cleaning systems and exports. Among them, the filter material is the core part of the dry dust collector. Different dust removal effects can be achieved through different shapes of filter materials and different filtration methods.

Commonly used filter materials are filter cloth, filter cartridge, filter bag and so on. The function of these filter materials is to attach dust to its surface by means of surface electrostatic action, air distribution and wind excitation, so as to play a filtering effect. In addition, the selection of filter materials should also be properly matched according to the working environment and dust properties.

In addition to filtering materials, the ash cleaning system is also an important part of the dry dust collector. The commonly used cleaning systems are mechanical cleaning, pneumatic cleaning and so on. Mechanical cleaning is to clean the dust attached to the surface of the filter material through the mechanical device, and pneumatic cleaning is to use high pressure gas to shake off the dust on the surface of the filter material.

In addition, the reasonably designed air intake and outlet are also an important part of the dry dust collector. The air intake should have better gas distribution and uniformity, while avoiding gas fluctuations and vortices. The outlet should have a suitable pipe layout and ventilation Settings, so as to ensure the overall dust removal efficiency of the dust collector.

In general, the dry dust collector is a kind of dust removal equipment with simple structure, convenient operation and easy maintenance. The dust removal principle is mainly through the electrostatic action of filter materials, mechanical cleaning and pneumatic cleaning and other ways to separate dust and gas, so as to achieve the purpose of removing dust in the gas. Reasonable design, excellent materials and efficient cleaning system are important factors to ensure that the sales of dry dust collectors meet the requirements of various industrial production environments.


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