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Quotation of dry explosion-proof dust collector

Quotation of dry explosion-proof dust collector

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Dry explosion-proof dust collector is a common industrial dust removal equipment, which is one of the precious equipment to protect the environment and the worker's body. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the dust removal effect, the daily maintenance of the dust collector is very important. This article will introduce how to maintain the quotation of dry explosion-proof dust collector.

First, clean the filter bag and ash hopper

The filter bag is one of the most common parts in the dry explosion-proof dust collector, and its main function is to collect dust. During the operation of the equipment, dust will gather on the filter bag so that the surface of the filter bag becomes sticky, reducing the passing rate of air volume. Therefore, frequent cleaning of the filter bag is one of the key steps in the maintenance of the dust collector. The filter bag cleaning process is as follows:

1) First close the dry explosion-proof dust collector equipment, extract the filter bag in turn, place it on the special loading rack, use high pressure gun and brush to remove dust, pay attention to the surface strength of the filter bag should not be too large, so as not to damage the filter bag;

2) For the filter bag that is difficult to clean, it can be soaked in cleaning solvent for a certain time, and then cleaned by the above method;

3) In order to reduce dust accumulation in the hopper and reduce the risk of clogging, it is also important to regularly clean the filter bag and empty the hopper.

2. Replace the filter bag regularly

The service life of the filter bag is limited, and when the damage and blockage of the filter bag reach a certain degree, the filter bag needs to be replaced to restore its dust removal effect. Since the service life of different bag filter materials is different, it is particularly important to determine the bag change cycle. Experience shows that it is generally necessary to estimate the replacement cycle according to the characteristics of the production process and the cleaning cycle of the equipment. Of course, the replacement time of the filter bag can also be determined by testing the flow rate and resistance of the filter bag.

When replacing the filter bag, pay attention to the following points:

1) Ensure that the replacement filter bag model matches the equipment;

2) The filter bag should be installed in strict accordance with the instructions, and the filter bag should be replaced according to the fixed arrow direction and position device;

3) After replacing the filter bag, check the shape of the filter bag by yourself to avoid losses and risks caused by poor sealing.

Third, check the ash cleaning system

The commonly used cleaning system of dry explosion-proof dust collector is divided into mechanical cleaning and pneumatic cleaning. When it is found that a commonly used cleaning method can not achieve the expected cleaning effect, even if there is a corresponding cleaning method with high reliability and good cleaning effect, the fault should be checked and eliminated. Mechanical cleaning generally refers to vibration cleaning, and its cleaning effect is worse than that of pneumatic cleaning, so it needs to be checked and maintained more frequently.

The following points need to be noted when checking the ash cleaning system:

1) Check and clear the vibrator, air source compression pipe, nozzle and other equipment.

2) Check whether the air source pressure of the pneumatic system is normal, and the cleaning force makes it meet the expected requirements.

Fourth, strengthen the seal of the dust collector

Sealing is an important link in dry explosion-proof dust collector. Reasonable sealing can not only reduce the pollution to the environment, but also effectively ensure the normal operation of the equipment, and can improve the capture effect of harmful substances. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the sealing management of the dust collector.

Strengthen the seal of the dust collector, mainly including the following points:

1) Check the sealing of the connection parts of the dry explosion-proof dust collector, the vibrator and other equipment;

2) Replace the sealing rubber pad regularly to ensure its tightness;

3) If the fault is found, handle it in time to prevent the expansion of the fault from causing equipment shutdown.

In short, the maintenance operation of the dry explosion-proof dust collector quotation is relatively basic and also a very substantial work. We need to carefully perform all the maintenance steps to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and extend its service life. Through the maintenance measures in the above aspects, the service life and stability of the dry explosion-proof dust collector can be greatly improved, and the realization of environmental protection and production benefits can be contributed.


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