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Aluminium alloy frame

Aluminium alloy frame

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Aluminum alloy frame is made of aluminum alloy material shape frame structure products, with light, high strength, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, has been widely used in various fields.

First, the advantages of aluminum alloy frame

1. Portability

Aluminum frame is a high-quality lightweight material, lighter than other metal materials. With a density of only 2.7g/cm³, compared to 7.85g/cm³ for steel, aluminum alloys have higher specific strength and stiffness, and are more durable than other metals.

2. High intensity

Aluminum alloy frames have excellent strength characteristics and can withstand high levels of pressure and tension in extreme environments. Aluminum alloy is the ideal choice of structural materials, it has excellent properties in tensile, extrusion and fatigue life.

3. Good surface, not easy to rust

The surface of the aluminum alloy frame is smooth, beautiful appearance, rich color, and after fine treatment, it is very corrosion resistant and not easy to rust, which brings a lot of convenience to the user.

4. Easy to process and shape

The aluminum alloy frame is easy to process, shape, can be customized according to customer needs, and can be chrome plated on the surface, copper plated, spray treatment, suitable for a variety of different shapes and sizes of applications.

5. Recyclable and reusable

The aluminum frame is an environmentally friendly material that can be broken down naturally while also being recycled and reused. Recycling aluminum alloy materials does not require much energy, and does not destroy the quality and properties of the material changes.

6. Be functional

The aluminum alloy frame has good functionality, can meet the high requirements of various people, and is suitable for different industries and fields.

7. Low cost

Aluminum alloy frame in the production process requires a lower cost than other materials, and has a high efficiency, so it is welcomed by more users.

Second, the application field of aluminum alloy frame

1. Aerospace

Aluminum alloy frame is widely used in aerospace field because of its characteristics of high temperature resistance, high strength and light weight. Such as aircraft, satellites, rockets, etc.

2. Vehicle manufacturing field

Aluminum alloy materials can better meet the requirements of lightweight vehicles and energy efficiency than steel. Therefore, the aluminum alloy frame has been widely used in the manufacturing field of lightweight cars, trains, flying cars, motorcycles and other vehicles.

3. Electronics industry

Aluminum alloy frames can be applied to the shell or frame of various electronic devices, such as laptops, mobile phones, televisions, electrical appliances, etc., because of its lightweight, high strength, good surface, and is widely used.

4. Construction and decoration industry

Aluminum alloy frames are widely used in the construction and decoration industry. Such as large building exterior wall decoration, aluminum alloy Windows, metal partition, metal booth, sun room, etc., its lightweight, beautiful, rust, corrosion and other characteristics, are widely used.

5. Sports and leisure activities

Aluminum frame can be used in sports equipment, swimming pool cover, tents, outdoor camping equipment, rollaway beds and other products. Because of its lightweight, durable, reliable and other characteristics, it has become a popular product material.

In short, aluminum alloy frame has been applied in many fields for its advantages of light weight, high strength, good surface, easy processing, recycling and so on. In the future, with the development of technology, the application field of aluminum alloy frames will also be increasingly expanded.



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