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Dust removal equipment maintenance methods

2023-06-07 09:42:51

Dust removal equipment is a very important equipment in industrial production, it can effectively remove the dust and pollutants generated in the process of industrial production, and plays an important role in environmental protection. In order to ensure the normal operation of the dust removal equipment and extend its service life, we need to carry out regular maintenance of the dust removal equipment. This article will introduce the maintenance methods of dust removal equipment.

First of all, we need to understand the structure and working principle of the dust removal equipment. Dust removal equipment usually includes dust collector, fan, filter and other components, its working principle is the use of aerodynamic principle, the gas with dust through the filter, so that the dust is separated, and the clean gas is discharged into the air. The maintenance and cleaning of dust removal equipment need to pay attention to the following points.

First, clean the filter bag regularly

The dust collector filter bag is the most critical part of the dust removal equipment, which is used to filter the dust in the air and prevent the dust from polluting the environment. Therefore, regular cleaning of the filter bag is essential. Before cleaning, it is necessary to clean the filter bag, clean the dust off the surface, and then clean it with water, soak it with a special cleaning solution, and then clean it with water. The cleaned filter bag needs to be dried before being installed on the dust collector.

2. Replace the fan belt regularly

The fan is an important part of the dust removal equipment, which is used to produce air flow, inhale the gas from the industrial production site, and then purify it through various filters. After long-term use, the fan belt is easy to wear, if not replaced in time, may cause the equipment to stop running. Therefore, check regularly whether the fan belt is worn, and replace it as soon as possible if it is worn.


Third, check the electronic control equipment regularly

Electronic control equipment is an important part of dust removal equipment, it is used to control the operation and stop of the equipment, while monitoring the equipment. Regularly check whether the electrical equipment is working normally, whether there is a transition current in Zikang, whether the wiring is loose, if there is a problem, repair it in time.

4. Clean the inside of the equipment regularly

Regular cleaning of the inside of the equipment can effectively avoid problems such as clogging and poor operation of the equipment. Before cleaning the inside of the device, close the exhaust port and power off the device. Then wash the pipe with a pipe cleaner, if the pipe is blocked by sediment, you can use a high-pressure water gun to clean up, after cleaning the inside of the equipment needs to be completely cleaned.

5. Prevent overloading of dust removal equipment

The overload of the dust removal equipment will affect the dust removal effect, but also aggravate the wear of the fan and other components, and shorten the life of the equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid overload of dust removal equipment. In order to prevent overload, it can be achieved by controlling the air volume and the number of filters.

Summary: Dust removal equipment is a more important kind of environmental protection equipment, regular maintenance can ensure its normal operation and extend the service life. The problems that need to be paid attention to in the maintenance of dust removal equipment include regular cleaning of the dust collector filter bag, regular replacement of the fan belt, regular inspection of the electronic control equipment, regular cleaning of the equipment and preventing equipment overload. Through these maintenance measures, it can ensure the safe, efficient and long-term operation of the dust removal equipment, and play a good role in environmental protection.


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