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Waste gas treatment equipment

Waste gas treatment equipment

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Waste gas treatment equipment refers to the use of a variety of technical means to treat and purify the waste gas emitted in the production process of various industries. The main purpose of waste gas treatment equipment is to reduce the emission of air pollutants, ensure environmental quality, and protect human health.

Waste gas treatment equipment can use various methods for waste gas treatment. Common treatment methods include physical adsorption, chemical adsorption, chemical catalysis, sedimentation, filtration, etc., which should be selected according to the nature of waste gas pollution and treatment requirements.

Common waste gas treatment equipment includes:

1. Combustion equipment: Common combustion equipment includes combustion furnace, incinerator, gas turbine, etc. These devices burn exhaust gas at high temperatures, burning organic matter to generate carbon dioxide and water, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying exhaust gas.

2. Adsorption equipment: The adsorption equipment mainly uses adsorbents to absorb pollutants in the exhaust gas, and the selection of adsorbents should be selected according to the types of pollutants. Common adsorption equipment includes activated carbon adsorbers, molecular sieve adsorbers and so on.

3. Catalytic equipment: Catalytic equipment mainly degrades pollutants in waste gas into safer compounds through the action of catalysts. Common catalytic equipment includes catalytic oxidation device, SCR denitrification device and so on.

4. Wet waste gas treatment equipment: wet treatment equipment mainly uses liquid to absorb pollutants, or uses medium liquid to decompose waste gas into harmless substances. Common wet treatment equipment includes spray tower, scrubber and so on.

5. Photocatalytic equipment: photocatalytic equipment uses specific wavelengths of ultraviolet light to irradiate the catalyst, so that it forms high activity, thus degrading gaseous pollutants. Common photocatalytic devices include photocatalytic oxidation devices.

According to different industries and emissions, it can also be combined to form a multi-level, multi-model governance system, and ultimately meet the requirements of standard emissions.

The status of waste gas treatment equipment in the environmental protection industry is gradually improving. With people's attention to environmental protection and the continuous improvement of regulations and policies, the demand for waste gas treatment equipment in all walks of life is also increasing. At present, the market competition of waste gas treatment equipment is fierce, and the industry is developing rapidly. In the future, more attention will be paid to technological innovation and improvement, and the transformation from the treatment of single pollutants to the treatment of composite pollutants will be realized.


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