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Pulse bag dust collector manufacturer

Pulse bag dust collector manufacturer

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Pulse bag dust collector manufacturer is a kind of energy-saving dust removal equipment widely used in discharge treatment. It has the characteristics of high dust removal efficiency, simple operation and long service life. However, during use, maintenance is also required to ensure that the dust collector is always in good condition. Below, this article will introduce the maintenance knowledge of pulse bag dust collector manufacturers.

1. Daily maintenance

1. Check discharge pipes: check and clean discharge pipes regularly to ensure smooth flow.

2, overhaul the electrical control box: check the electrical control box regularly to prevent the failure of the whole machine due to short circuit or poor contact.

3, cleaning the pulse valve: the pulse valve of the pulse bag filter plays an important role, and it needs to be ensured that it is intact. When cleaning the pulse valve, the pulse valve housing should be unscrewed first, and then the spring and piston should be removed, and the spring and piston and other components should be cleaned to ensure the normal operation of the pulse valve.

4, Measure the pressure value: by measuring the pressure value of the bag dust collector, timely find the problems in the operation of the dust collector. If the value is higher, it means that the dust collector resistance is large, and the cloth bag needs to be cleaned; Low values may be the pulse valve is not working properly or the filter bag is loose.

Second, standard maintenance

1, cleaning filter bag: Regular cleaning filter bag is an important measure to ensure the dust removal efficiency of the dust collector. When cleaning the filter bag, it is necessary to stop the machine to remove the power supply, and then remove the filter bag for cleaning or replacement.

2, test the stability of the filter bag: the stability of the filter bag is crucial to the entire filtration system. When testing, the filter bag should be vibrated and checked for loosening or cracks in the ring seam and connection point.

3, clean the gas box: the gas box of the discharge pipeline is easy to accumulate ash or debris during long-term use. Therefore, from the time to distinguish different types of pulse bag dust collector cleaning cycle is not the same, such as: DXII-30, DXII-24 air box cleaning cycle is generally about one month.

3. Maintenance management

1. Pay attention to the implementation of cleaning filter bags: the chemical reaction, heat and mechanical strength of filter bags will be greatly affected, and the cost of replacing filter bags will also increase. Therefore, before each overhaul, the state of the filter bag should be confirmed again and maintained.

2, extend the service life of the dust collector: if used correctly, the pulse bag dust collector can be used for a long time, but long-term use will cause a series of problems.

In short, to play the advantages of pulse bag dust collector manufacturers, we must maintain it. The above maintenance measures can not only save operating costs, but also ensure the continuous running time of the entire equipment.


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