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How to choose suitable dust removal equipment?

2023-06-07 09:27:47

Dust removal equipment is one of the most important environmental protection equipment in the current industrial production process, which can effectively reduce the dust and harmful substances generated in industrial production, and protect the environment and the health of employees. However, choosing a suitable dust removal equipment is not an easy thing, need to be considered according to the type of factory, production process and dust emission situation and other factors, the following is from these three aspects of how to choose the suitable dust removal equipment is elaborated.

1. Type of factory

1. Manufacturing factories: Manufacturing factories usually produce a lot of dust and waste gas in the production process, which needs to be selected according to the process characteristics of the manufacturer and the nature of the generated waste gas. For example: electronic factory production process need to choose electrostatic precipitator; The welding factory should choose the smoke removal dust collector; Food manufacturing plants need to choose activated carbon adsorption deodorization and dust removal equipment.

2. Construction factory: The dust of construction factory mainly comes from the waste gas generated by cutting and grinding concrete and other materials during construction, and it is necessary to choose efficient cutting dust collector and grinding dust collector. In addition, in the decoration of the building, it is necessary to use the wall cutting machine, sanding machine and other tools to suction the dust generated by it and separate the suspended matter to achieve the dust removal effect.

3. Mining factories: mining factories need to face the main problem is dust and noise pollution, dust removal equipment should have efficient separation dust removal technology and noise reduction equipment, you can use centrifugal dust collector, bag dust collector, cyclone dust collector and so on.


Second, the production process

The production process has a very important influence on the selection of dust removal equipment, and the following are several typical production processes as examples:

1. Dry grinding: In the dry grinding production process, the dust generated is mostly fine and difficult to deal with. The dust can be treated by high pressure spray combined with cyclone separation. This dust collector can increase humidity while targeting fine dust, avoiding the secondary dust.

2. Spray drying: spray drying production process needs to choose a high-efficiency spray equipment, in order to obtain a uniform sublimation state and less dust emission effect, commonly used dust removal equipment are solution adsorption spray dust collector and ring spray dust collector.

3. High temperature treatment: In the process of high temperature treatment, the dust removal equipment must withstand high temperature environment, but also have sufficient filtration effect. Commonly used dust collectors are ceramic filters, electronic dust filters and graphite plate filters.

Third, dust emission

Dust emission is one of the main factors that determine the selection of dust removal equipment, and its size affects the selection and effect of dust removal equipment. Here need to be considered according to the actual situation of the production process, generally need to determine the emissions according to the demand, and according to the size of the emissions to choose the applicable dust removal equipment. The commonly used precipitators are bag discharger, electric precipitator, cyclone precipitator, electrostatic precipitator and so on.

The selection of dust removal equipment is not only affected by the type of factory, production process, dust emission and other factors, but also needs to be selected according to the actual operating environment. In addition, the stability of dust removal equipment, maintenance costs, energy consumption and other indicators are also issues to be considered before purchasing. Only by selecting the appropriate dust removal equipment can we better meet the environmental protection requirements in industrial production and improve the efficiency of the production process.


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