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What is the working principle of dust removal equipment?

2023-06-07 09:29:16

Dust removal equipment is a kind of equipment that uses a specific process to treat the particulate matter in industrial waste gas and purify the waste gas. Its working principle is to use mechanics, static electricity, gravity and other process principles to separate the particles in the exhaust gas, so that the exhaust gas meets the environmental protection standard.

First, mechanical dust collector

Mechanical dust collector mainly uses the principle of separator, that is, under certain air flow conditions through the internal structure of the shape, length, density of different separation devices, so that the particles and gases in the exhaust gas are separated. Common mechanical dust collector has gravity dust collector, inertia dust collector, centrifugal dust collector and so on.

The gravity dust collector uses the principle of gravity to make the particles fall into the dust collector of the dust removal chamber, which is usually suitable for the exhaust gas purification with large particles and high density. Inertial dust collector is the use of the inertia of particles in the waste gas, in the relatively static air flow, so that the particles hit the dust collector in the dust chamber, mainly suitable for small particles, high flow rate of waste gas purification. The centrifugal dust collector uses the rotating centrifugal force to separate the particles into the dust collector of the dust chamber through the centrifugal force, which is usually suitable for the condition of high dust content of the exhaust gas and more uniform particle size distribution.


Two, filter material type dust collector

Filter type dust collector mainly uses high efficiency filter material to intercept and capture particles. It enters the filter to remove particulate matter through the air flow, the particulate matter is trapped on the surface of the filter material, under the action of clean gas, the particulate matter falls into the collector aircraft, after processing and precipitation to the ground. The common filter material type dust collector are bag dust collector, electric dust collector and wet electrostatic dust collector.

Bag type dust collector is the use of filter bag filtration and interception effect for dust removal. The exhaust gas flows in from the inlet of the dust collector, and then filters the particulate matter through the filter bag, and the clean gas flows out from the outlet. Different from the mechanical dust collector, the bag dust collector is suitable for treating the exhaust gas of the opposite sex (uneven particle distribution, containing dust, containing high temperature/high humidity, etc.). Electrostatic precipitator refers to the use of electrical principles to capture and intercept particles in the electric field. It creates an electric field through a charged electrode and a plate, and under the action of the electric field, the particles gain an electric charge and deposit on the electrode. The dust collector is mainly suitable for particles with a particle size of less than 10 microns. The wet electrostatic precipitator can not only make the dust bag in the bag dust collector wet cleaning, but also can be used for the gas treatment of the wet electric precipitator, which is suitable for the treatment of waste gas containing high humidity.

Third, wet dust collector

Wet dust collector is a method of spraying water or spray, through the contact reaction of particulate matter in the exhaust gas with water, so that it precipitates or transforms into water-soluble salts to achieve the purpose of dust removal. The common wet dust collector has absorber, spray tower, condenser and so on.

The absorber is a dust removal method that uses the principle of chemical reaction to treat harmful components in waste gas. The exhaust gas enters the absorber from the inlet, contacts with the absorption liquid, absorbs the liquefaction and reacts with the harmful components in the exhaust gas, and achieves the purpose of exhaust gas purification. Spray tower is generally used in chemical and other industrial waste gas wet dust removal equipment. The treated exhaust gas flows through the filling layer in the tower, and the spray machine contacts the exhaust gas flow with the water phase to purify the harmful substances in the exhaust gas. The condenser is mainly used in the treatment of high temperature air flow. By cooling and condensing the waste gas flow, the particles and harmful gases are deposited to the bottom of the equipment, and the clean air is discharged through the precipitator outlet.

In summary, different types of dust collectors have different working principles, but they all achieve the separation and purification of particles in exhaust gas through physical, chemical and other principles to achieve environmental protection goals. In the application process, it is necessary to select the corresponding dust removal equipment for the type of exhaust gas, dust content, particle properties, gas temperature and humidity and other factors, and carry out effective maintenance and testing to ensure that the dust removal equipment can play a role in the work efficiency and achieve a better purification effect.


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