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Pulse bag dust collector

Pulse bag dust collector

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Pulse bag dust collector is a device that can effectively remove the dust produced in the process of industrial production. It uses a pulsed airflow cleaning method to efficiently filter out dust, smoke and gaseous particulate matter, which plays an important role in the production process. This paper will be elaborated from three aspects: working principle, advantages and application fields.

First, the working principle

The pulse bag dust collector is composed of a filter cartridge, a pulse control system, a valve, an air inlet and an air outlet. The working principle is to use the effect of air flow to filter out the dust generated by the filter cylinder, and make the dust on the filter cylinder fall into the ash bucket at the appropriate time through the pulse air flow cleaning method, so as to achieve the purpose of removing dust.

During the working process, the pulse bag filter will send the gas containing dust into the filter cylinder through the air intake, the dust is intercepted in the filter cylinder, and the pure gas is discharged from the air outlet. With the increase of filtration time, the particulate matter inside the filter cartridge will continue to accumulate, and will produce a certain resistance to the air outlet. Therefore, when the resistance reaches a certain degree, the control system will send a pulse signal, open the pulse valve, so that the compressed air is sprayed out of the pulse valve, so that the dust on the filter can be cleared out through the powerful air flow, and collected into the ash hopper.

Ii. Advantages

1. High filtration efficiency: Traditional dust filters generally use electrostatic adsorption, chemical absorption and other methods, although the effect is better, but long-term use will lead to adsorption performance decline and excessive washing and other problems, and the pulse bag dust collector is a physical filtration method, can efficiently filter out the target particulate matter, filtration efficiency of more than 99.99%.

2. Good cleaning effect: the pulse cleaning method can effectively remove the dust on the filter bag, completely avoid the problem of dust secondary dust, making the cleaning effect more excellent.

3. Strong reliability: The filter bag used in the pulse bag dust collector has high quality, which can withstand high temperature, high humidity, corrosion, wear and other harsh environments, and can run stably for a long time.

4. Easy operation: the dust removal of the pulse bag dust collector is automatically completed by the control system, and the operator does not need to keep watch on the equipment for a long time, which can improve production efficiency.

3. Application fields

Pulse bag dust collector is widely used in power, metallurgy, cement, chemical, steel, building materials and other fields, to ensure environmental protection and safety in the industrial production process. For example, in cement production, the dust generated in the production process can be removed by pulse bag dust collector, which can effectively reduce environmental pollution and improve the health level of employees; In the metallurgical and steel industry, it can effectively filter harmful particles in high temperature and high pressure air flow, reduce production costs and improve product quality.

In short, as an efficient, reliable, energy-saving environmental protection equipment, pulse bag dust collector is widely used in many industries, creating a good working environment for production and ensuring the sustainable development of enterprises.


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