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Dry dust collector

Dry dust collector

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Dry dust collector is an efficient air purification equipment, mainly used to filter and purify the waste gas and dust generated in the industrial production process. The principle of dry dust collector is to use the electric field to separate the charged particles, the dust and pollutants in the air through mechanical action and electric field action to remove.

The main performance advantages of dry dust collector are high processing capacity, simple structure, easy maintenance and low cost. The main components of the equipment include electrode, dust removal chamber, ash hopper, flue gas inlet and outlet, etc. In the process of operation, the electrode generates an electric field force through a high-voltage electric field, which makes the charged particles move along the electric field line under the action of the electric field and deposit on the electrode surface. In the filtration process, the air in the dust collection room flows through the electrode and the dust collection plate, the dust is captured by the electrode, and the clean air continues to be discharged through the outlet.

The advantages of dry dust collector are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

First of all, the dry dust collector has a high cleanliness. The treatment effect of the equipment is very good for various particles, including fine dust, mixtures, smoke and so on. When dealing with dust and flue gas, the removal efficiency of particulate matter can reach more than 90%, which greatly improves the environmental protection effect. At the same time, the dry dust collector will not pollute the environment and the human body, and it has played a positive role in environmental protection and human health.

Secondly, the use and maintenance cost of dry dust collector is low. Because of the simple structure of the equipment, easy to use, repair and maintenance costs are relatively low. At the same time, the interference of the dry dust collector to the surrounding environment and equipment is also relatively small, which can ensure the stability and fluency of the production process and improve production efficiency.

Third, the dry dust collector has a wide range of application. The equipment is suitable for a variety of different industrial sectors, including steel, power, petrochemical, chemical, wood processing and food processing. Different industries and process production equipment may produce pollutants and particles are not the same, but the dry dust collector can comprehensively solve various particulate pollution problems.

Finally, the energy consumption of the dry dust collector is lower. The equipment is suitable for high temperature, high humidity, more smoke and dust, so it is necessary to carry out high pressure and corrosion resistance treatment. However, due to its simple structure and stable working principle, the energy consumption is relatively low, which can improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

In summary, dry dust collector as a high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, low-cost air purification equipment, the importance of industrial automation production and environmental protection is self-evident, the future of its application will be more and more extensive.


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