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Filter drum dust collector manufacturers

Filter drum dust collector manufacturers

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With the continuous improvement of environmental protection awareness, the filter cartridge filter as a kind of efficient and practical air purification equipment is more and more concerned and applied by people. However, there are many kinds of filter dust collectors on the market, and different equipment parameters and performance are also different, so that consumers can not help but be overwhelmed when choosing. This article from how to quickly understand their own needs, choose the right model and manufacturers, evaluate product performance and other aspects to introduce how to choose their own filter filter products.

First, quickly understand their needs

Before choosing a filter filter manufacturer, you must first understand your own needs and circumstances. According to different needs, the model and performance of the filter drum dust collector are not the same. You can determine your needs from the following perspectives:

1. Calculate the basic parameters such as the amount of waste gas generated in your workshop, production line or production operation, and the residual time of waste gas to clarify the required amount of dust removal.

2. Determine the required dust removal effect, that is, screen out the specific size requirements and concentration requirements of PM2.5, PM10 and other particles, oil mist, smoke, odor and other exhaust gases.

3. Draw up a budget and select an economical type and configuration scheme of filter cartridge dust collector.

4. Consider the later maintenance of the equipment.

Second, choose the right model and manufacturer

According to their own needs and circumstances, choosing the right model and manufacturer is the key to the purchase of filter dust collector. Therefore, in the selection of filter dust collector, it must be tailored, considering the filter efficiency of the equipment, design structure, dust removal materials, energy consumption, maintenance and other aspects of the factors. The following are the points that should be paid attention to when choosing filter cartridge dust collector manufacturers:

1. Choose well-known brand manufacturers to ensure the reliable quality of equipment and timely after-sales service.

2. Pay attention to the relationship between the performance of the equipment and the price, do not blindly pursue performance, do not pay too much attention to the price, should find a suitable balance.

3. When selecting the model, you can directly consult the manufacturer, according to the production process, workshop characteristics, exhaust gas characteristics and other factors, the manufacturer will provide different programs, and finally achieve the goal of meeting the demand.

3. Evaluate product performance

The performance of the filter manufacturer is related to the structure, composition, material and other factors of the equipment, so it is necessary to evaluate the product performance from many aspects. The following are some points to pay attention to when evaluating the performance of the filter filter:

1. Dust removal efficiency. The dust removal efficiency is the key index to judge the performance of the filter. An excellent dust removal equipment can effectively remove the odor, particles, fine dust in the air at the same time, so that the air quality inside the plant has been significantly improved.

2. Equipment efficiency. Equipment efficiency is an index to measure the working effect of the filter cartridge dust collector, the common equipment efficiency has the filter area, meter ampere ratio, energy consumption, load and so on.

3. Operating cost. The operating cost mainly includes the filter cartridge replacement cost, energy consumption cost, maintenance cost and so on.

4. Device stability. Equipment stability is one of the important factors affecting the performance of the filter.

To sum up, choosing the right filter manufacturer for your needs is a very important work, which needs to be tailored and carefully consider various aspects. If you also have questions about the purchase of filter dust collectors, you can consult relevant information through professional manufacturers or peer technical exchange platforms, and you also need to understand the reputation and historical performance of some manufacturers, and choose carefully.


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